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Just Like Homeschool
Does your middle schooler have difficulty comprehending lectures in traditional classes? Do you desire a safe educational environment free of bullies, violence, drugs, and sexual immorality? Ask about ACE Middle School, our 1-to-1 middle school program, where we offer one-to-one special education for the four core (math, english, science, and social science).  Our core classes utilize specialized instruction with technology based and hands-on curricula. Then we give students a chance to interact with peers during extracurricular activities (i.e. art, music, dance, sewing, drama) and sports (i.e. swim team, gymnastics). We also offer a Speech Club, monthly field trips, and much more.

Top-10 Benefits of Homeschool

  1. Train a child to Love God and others.

  2. Train a child to hide God's Word in the heart (by learning to memorize, understand, and obey scripture)

  3. Train a child to walk in moral excellence according to Biblical standards.

  4. Provide learning without the bullying, violence, drugs, alcohol, or sexual immorality encountered in traditional school programs.

  5. Provide extended learning time for subjects a child finds difficult. 

  6. Allow alternative/ non-traditional learning methods.

  7. Develop a child's artistic, musical,  dramatic, and athletic talents. 

  8. Take educational field trips around the city, state, country,  or world. 

  9. Help a child learn good old fashioned manners. 

  10. Help a child get ahead in science, math, and English.  

What About Socialization?
Homeschoolers are actually some of the most well mannered students I have ever met. They can gain positive socialization skills from many arenas:


Positive family interactions

Positive friendships

Homeschool support groups

Independent Study Programs/Private School Satelite Programs

Park days

Friday school

Parent Co-ops

Group Field Trips

Swim Team

Soccer Team

Football Team

Basketball team

Track and Field


Sunday School

Bible study 

Youth group outreaches


Youth orchestra

Community youth theatre

Dance Academy

Art classes

Sewing classes

Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts


Volunteering (hospitals, convalescent homes, food banks, churches, etc.)


Higher Test Scores

Did you know that homeschoolers score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents' formal education level or household income? Check out more statistics at the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI).

Homeschool Organizations

There are a number of great California organizations that our homeschool endorses if you choose to homeschool through us. Here are two that offer a wealth of resources. 


Christian Home Educators Association of California

Homeschool Legal Defense



Explore all of the educational options for Independent Study in California or see if a public online homeschool program is right for you.


California Department of Education

California Virtual Academies

Homeschool Resources
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