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1 to 1=Proven Success: 90%
grade improvement;
75% higher test scores

 One-to-One Attention


Students with autism need instruction that allows them to move ahead at their own pace. Marinia Academy offers in home tutoring that serves your child’s unique needs by providing 1-to-1 special education support with flexible scheduling.  We offer an alternative or supplement to the traditional Special Day Class (SDC) allowing non-traditional students to reach their God given potential. 

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Customized Learning 
Plans Improve Self Confidence



One of the main advantages of enrolling your child in a one-on-one intervention program is that your child's self-confidence will improve. Not only will a good interventionist help your child learn material, but he will also provide positive feedback so that your child feels good about himself and can actually enjoy learning. Classroom special ed teachers do provide positive feedback, but it may not always occur when the child needs it. An interventionist who is consistently present will recognize when your child has overcome a difficult problem and praise him. This positive atmosphere will improve your child's relationship with his own learning.

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Different Special Ed Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Strengths and Weaknesses


Unfortunately, because a classroom special ed teacher divides her attention between multiple students in the class, she may not recognize the specifics of your child's strengths and weaknesses. However, because our 1-to-1 interventionists only pay attention to your child, they can easily recognize exactly where your child is excelling and struggling. Thus, we are able to truly craft a learning program that nurtures your child's skills and directly addresses those areas that need improvement, while supporting your child's IEP goals.

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Top College
Exam Prep

IEP Tutoring

IEP goals are the cornerstone of your child's school based program. We provide in-home academic support for the goals defined by your child's IEP team. This provides your child with extra practice on skills to accelerate growth and ensure that more IEP goals are met as quickly as possible. What sets us apart? Our interventionists are trained to incorporate special education instructional methods (such as multi-sensory and tactile techniques) where needed. 


In The News
Common Core Boosts Focus on Keyboarding in Elementary School

Elementary students in schools across the country are focusing more on basic computer skills such as typing to match requirements under national Common Core Standards. Since the new standards require students to be able to use a keyboard for assessments, keyboarding skills that have been taught in various forms for decades in middle or high school are now an essential part of elementary schools’ curricula, according to Lyndsey Layton of The Washington Post.

The Common Core Standards require students in every grade to use the Internet for research and use digital tools in their schoolwork to incorporate video, sound and images with writing. The standardized tests, which will be given in 2014-2015, also require students to be able to manipulate a mouse, click, drag and type answers on a keyboard and, starting in third grade, write online.

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