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First you call (800) 255-8160 or complete our contact form. A call center representative then takes down your contact information and dispatches it to an intake specialist. An intake specialist then contacts you to answer questions and provide you with an application. 


Your child is then scheduled for their first session which consists of an assessment and record review. During the record review, we examine your child's pertinent academic and health records such as recent report cards, writing samples,  IEP, FBA, BSP, etc. If you are requesting IEP tutoring, we then determine which IEP goals you would like to target. We can also develop and target academic goals that are not currently being addressed by your child's IEP.


After assessing your child to determine his or her learning needs and style, we then provide program recommendations. Your intake specialist helps you through each step of the intake process.


We use evidence based methodology to ensure that your child achieves mastery within a flexible schedule. The tuition rate is monthly for private pay accounts. School districts, administrators, educational attorneys, and other school related personnel may contact us for specialized pricing.

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How does Marinia Academy work?

Yes! In most cases, your child will work with the same therapist or instructor. We  will connect you with the most appropriate instructor for your child based on student need and geographic location. 

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May my child work with the same therapist or instructor?
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What can I get help with?

We currently provide reading therapy for struggling readers or students with Dyslexia and IEP Tutoring on the IEP goals of your choice. We will also be providing ABA therapy soon and have a waiting list for interested parents.

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Can I review my previous sessions?

Yes. We will always review our previous material. Homework can  be assigned to provide more repetition if you desire.

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How do I get a therapist or instructor?

You may call or submit a request form on this site.

(800) 255-8160

What's the minimum time to work with a reading therapist or instructor?
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We recommend a minimum of two sessions per week.

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